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Review of BuzzGuru at the Semrush App Centre (Marketing Tool for Influencers)


As the importance of social media expands and influencers are now essential in marketing campaigns. Semrush’s BuzzGuru is unique in the market as the most comprehensive complete platform for the management of influencers. The app was established in 2017 and has grown quickly since then. application is constantly updated and growing with the latest technology, including artificial intelligence, and presenting an extensive database of 27 million world-wide influencers sourced who are on YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok and Twitch.

With BuzzGuru businesses can find influencers, create, manage and track influencer marketing campaigns on a single dashboard. The app offers analytics on the performance of influencers and tools for tracking the effectiveness of a campaign as well as ROI.


The Basic plan is just $169 a month. Customers may additionally choose to add Campaign Management ($69/month) and Competitor Analysis ($129/month).In addition, in order for access to reports on specific Instagram influencers the use of tokens is required. The basic strategy calls for 50 tokens. 20 tokens are added when competitor analysis is added.

Tokens are also available for purchase without restrictions:

  • 25 tokens is $50 a month.
  • 40 tokens is $70 for a month.
  • 100 tokens equal $185 per month.

Principal Characteristics of BuzzGuru

Influencer Discovery:

BuzzGuru’s influencer detection is among the most effective tools available. The platform contains data that comes from over 27 million influential users from every major social media platform. It offers users more than 50 intelligent filters to help them locate the most relevant influencers for their marketing campaigns.

Search results can be filtered according to topics, views, number of subscribers, publication information as well as the country of influencers and price, as well as broadcast language . To do a more focused search for influencers, use keywords.

Analytics of Influencers:

BuzzGuru offers valuable insights on influencers. When a user conducts an inquiry using filter options, users are able to select any influencer from the list to get more detailed details about the influencer. Each influencer is profiled by BuzzGuru makes a profile which includes information about followers and social media channels, average views and likes as well as the cost of integration and the engagement percentages.

BuzzGuru provides each influencer with an individual quality score for each channel in accordance with metrics. In addition, users have access to the contact information of the influencers as well as data like the country of origin, the videos they have posted, website ratings, audience statistics and much more .

Campaign Management:

The management of campaigns feature of BuzzGuru provides a full-service solution for planning, managing as well as review and analyze influencer marketing campaigns on the umbrella of a central dashboard. Businesses can design their campaign and import data from influencers and monitor the performance of their campaign using the application.

Once a plan for a campaign has been developed and the content developed by the influencer, teams are able to submit the content to the draft section. There, the team members are able to add comments and collaborate before approving the content. After the content is approved, it is passed to the section that has been approved. The social media content can be simple to include to the section, then the function will begin. Users can see live data such as campaign’s budget in views, comments like clicks, registrations, and many other metrics that will assist them in analyzing the ROI .

Analytics and Reports:

With BuzzGuru companies can keep track of live campaigns using automated analysis and reports. All reports are well-designed and ready for sharing and contain all relevant data well-organized. The app provides the data and performance indicators in tables and charts to provide a powerful visualization .

With these reports, businesses can get detailed information on ROI, views as well as average CPM and many other metrics. With the help of AI, BuzzGuru can gather all data from campaigns, regardless of whether it’s ongoing or finished and calculate precise figures regarding budget estimates views, as well as other engagement and tracking metrics.

Analysis of Competitors:

Users can obtain key data on their competitors, such as approximate amounts they’re spending, the type of items they are spending that money on and the outcomes they’re getting.

Utilizing using the Competitor Analysis features in the central dashboard, users are able to find competitors and locate them in the company list. then, users can browse their competitor’s profiles as well as get access to their influencer marketing information.

This feature’s data includes the influencers of competitors’ numbers utilized, mentions, estimates of view, budget and channel-by channel details, information on geographies, countries and regions specifically targeted as well as influencer categories, in addition to other indicators .

The Pros of BuzzGuru

Price Transparency and Accessibility:

Contrary to other influencer management software options, BuzzGuru pricing is available on the internet. The software is recognized for its value for money and is very popular with small and medium-sized companies.

Modern User Interface:

The user experience at BuzzGuru is simple. Furthermore the company invests significantly in cutting-edge design, which enhances the user experience.

Centralized Campaign Management End-to-End:

With BuzzGuru users, they do not need to switch between one discovery tool and an additional application or program to manage their campaigns. Users can find influential people and then create, implement, track and analyze their campaigns on a central dashboard.

Real-time Data and Brand New Features

BuzzGuru makes use of AI to provide real-time analytics and reports, as the business is always creating new features and innovations that allow team collaboration as well as enhancing competitor analysis.

Analytics of ROI and Results Tracking:

BuzzGuru incorporates a variety of metrics. It not only allows companies to reach influencers that align with their goals, but also gives the latest and historic data needed to measure results and track the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Cons of BuzzGuru

  • The trial free of charge is for only seven days.
  • It’s intended for more advanced teams of influencers in marketing management The process of learning for newcomers is steep.
  • The solution involves the use of tokens paid for accessing features like certain reports on influencers.
  • It’s not the ideal choice for large companies since it’s specifically designed specifically for medium and small-sized businesses.
  • It is costly for businesses looking to launch large-scale, global campaigns.

Alternatives to BuzzGuru

If BuzzGuru isn’t a good fit for your business, maybe because of budgetary constraints or you may be searching for a different feature Here are three options.


Upfluence is an acclaimed influencer marketing tool that is mostly utilized by large companies. Clients are Amazon, Verizon, Universal and Marriott. The features and technology of Upfluence are comparable to the features offered by BuzzGuru but, according to my research, it’s likely to be more costly.


TapInfluence is a tool for creators and marketers. The company focuses on providing solutions for large and medium-sized businesses. It offers sophisticated tools for managing campaigns as well as fully-featured publishing and scheduling tools. Plans from TapInfluence are more expensive than those from BuzzGuru, and their influencer discovery tools are less useful.


From just $168 per month, the Influencity has emerged as the top choice for new businesses or agencies with small budgets. It provides influencer discovery analysis and reports, as well as sales tracking ROI and management of campaigns. Despite its affordable products it is employed by big firms, including Air France, Samsung and Kellogg’s.

Review Process:

For our article and to assess BuzzGuru I checked out websites that aggregate data based on verified reviews from users. Additionally, I watched a demonstration video by a BuzzGuru expert, provided by the company and its official website and used the program. I carefully assessed BuzzGuru’s features as well as user-friendliness, pricing, and many more. In addition, I looked through the official websites of the best influencer marketing solutions.

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