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How Fingerprint Technology Will Be Unlocked in the Future


A San Francisco-based business called OVE Touch & Go has announced the arrival in May of a brand-new payment environment that makes use of fingerprint technology. By using just one touch, users of this cutting-edge payment system can make biometric payments at the point of sale without the use of a wallet or phone. The San Francisco Bay Area will host the initial launch; later this year, more locations will be included. 

Caio Buchalla, the CEO of OVE, claims that the business created OVE Touch & Go to change the way we think about money by giving users an unmatched level of independence, authenticity, and security.With this revolutionary payment method, customers can make purchases using just their fingertips, and each finger can set up a distinct payment option.For example, a user could use a different finger to pay with their bitcoin wallet instead of their pointer finger while using a credit card. 

Information and Benefits for Consumers:

OVE gives clients the freedom of not needing a wallet or phone (for example, to make digital wallet purchases) to complete a purchase by enabling them to pay with their fingerprints. The business places more emphasis on the ease of using your fingertips to make payments, with each of your fingers having the capacity to set up a distinct payment option.If customers want to use a credit card to make a purchase, they can do so by utilizing their pointer finger and the corresponding account. On the other hand, if the same consumer wanted to pay with their cryptocurrency wallet, they might select a new finger to link to that account, and so on. You only need your fingers to complete a transaction with OVE.

How Does it Function? 

An OVE account can be created quickly and easily. You may start making payments right away by downloading the app, setting up a verified account, adding payment options, and connecting each payment method to a unique fingerprint technology. The OVE Touch & Go Sensor is easily available for purchase by retailers, who can then integrate it with any POS system.

With a 24-hour battery life, touchscreen functionality, wireless networking, and NFC technology. Only payment processing information is ever exchange with merchants or the POS system, not fingerprint or personal data.

According to OVE, its service prevents payment fraud in 99.9% of cases, making it the ideal choice for clients. The ability to accept payments tableside or at a counter, a significant reduction in chargeback fees, and minimal liability are all advantages for merchants.

With a contract already in place with Green Payments, LOVE is now able to provide its services to more than 5,000 businesses nationwide. By May 2023, it intends to beta-launch in 14 San Francisco restaurants.This cutting-edge payment ecosystem ushers in a new era of financial opportunity by offering customers and merchants alike a seamless and safe way to pay.

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