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Image Overlay: How Can Images Be Overlaid On Android & iPhone?


Prior to the introduction of cameras with digital sensors, implementation of overlay effects to images was difficult, complicated and expensive. It was generally believed that skilled photographers could be the only ones to accomplish this feat.

Twenty years on and technology has allowed anyone to create stunning effects and overlays within photographs in only a matter of minutes. Furthermore, this can be accomplished by using a single smartphone.

This article discusses overlays of images and outlines five great apps to create photo overlays with no photographic knowledge. You can, for instance, utilize these apps online using your computer’s desktop or on a mobile device.

Some applications also permit users to edit images and add additional effects. Some apps even come with features like an OCR SDK as well as upload features that developers can utilize.

What is Image Overlay?

An overlay picture is a method of merging or more images. The option is usually available to users using tools for editing photos on either mobile or desktop devices. The app or software usually lets you place images on top of one another in layers.

The opacity or transparency of each layer can then be changed to overlay all of the images. You can also overlay an image base with the text image.

The sole parameter that is required that can be used to overlay images is the transparency of the image or its opacity. Furthermore, some apps permit users to create borders over different images.

With overlays of images to create professional stunning images. Additionally, you may design product pictures for posters, your HTML website, and much more. The effects you create could easily be confused with professional photography.

Which Five Tools Are the Best for Creating Overlay Effects in Images?

Here are five of the best tools in order to make an overlay from one photo on the other.


Filestack is more than an uploader software for files. It allows you to upload photos and overlay one over another. For instance, you can test the Transformations interface for JavaScript software online at no cost. Choose the two pictures to be overlayed.

After you’ve added images on top of another, you can alter the location of the second image, rotate it and resize, center it, alter its width, and even specify the amount the overlay will have.

You can include text, alter your font’s size, utilize the option of text alignment and also select text for your images. You have the choice of using the default values for numerous options or entering your own. Filestack provides numerous examples and tutorials to create extra effects on photographs.

Save your photos and share them later on with friends or colleagues.

You can upload any kind of file securely and successfully. Furthermore these APIs as well as the SDK allow developers to include image editing overlays, image editing, file uploads and more into their building application.

If you’re a developer or a programmer, you may allow your users to do photo editing and design in the program that you developed for them. provides an online service to overlay two images over each other. It is possible to select two images to overlay using the option. The level of transparency can then be changed by moving the blend percent slider.Also, you can create an image border around the layers, creating amazing effects.


Pinetools is a different tool which allows overlaying images online, as illustrated in the previous example. It allows you to blend the original images into an overlay image. It is also possible to use editing tools and various blend modes to create different effects in only several clicks.

The overlay image’s transparency can be changed using a transparency slider.It also lets you turn, flip, or move the image. An example of how to combine two photographs is shown in the image above.


Fotor is a different free web application that you can download for overlaying images online. With a slider, users can easily alter the level of transparency to blend the two images.

It is also possible to use the Fotor online tool that lets you edit photos and overlay two images with design elements, text pixels, alter the texture and more.


Picsart is another excellent online tool for editing images as well as image overlay, creating background blur, changing intensity and saturation and creating additional effects including design components and much more.

The overlay image option is very simple to utilize. You can alter the location and the alignment of two images, and choose the level of opacity to overlay images. You can take a variety of photos of your roll, and then turn them into stunning collages or product image, frame and other.

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