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Linner Nova: The Linner Hearing Buds are Making a Lot of Noise


Linner, a provider of cutting-edge Medical devices Linner, continue to receive praise about Linner Nova, an innovative hearing aid that is available over the counter.

Linner Nova has been deservedly receiving lots of praise from its users, as evidenced by the impressive features it provides. The newest OTC hearing aid was approve by the FDA in October as evidence of its effectiveness. As a result the innovative hearing aids that combine the aesthetics of style with functionality are transforming the hearing aid market, due to their incredible capabilities and features.

Overview of the Global Hearing Aid Market:

A study by Grand View Research, a top research firm, estimated the market size of the world market for hearing aids at $10.1 billion in 2021. They are forecasting that it will grow to $15.5 billion in 2030, as advancements in technology as well as the growth of global brands provide more options to customers. One of the main issues that millions of people face is the price of hearing aids which can reach up to $5,000. Yet, Linner looks to change the story by launching a lower-cost but high-quality option call Linner Nova which is price at less than $300.

Features of Linner Nova:

Linner Nova is design with exceptional craftsmanship and delivers the finest aesthetics without sacrificing function. Linner Nova is an OTC hearing aid that can be use by all types of people, regardless of age, gender, or gender. Certain distinctive features and benefits that come with Linner Nova are highlight as the following:

4 Sound Modes:

Specifically designed to be use for conversations and conversations, the hearing aid has four distinct audio modes that satisfy the various requirements of the users from their homes to outdoors. Users can choose the best mode that matches their surroundings and content, and it offers different processing of the natural voice of the human and background sounds depending on the chosen mode.

Hands-free Call:

Nova has been design with a keen eye to the smallest detail, allowing users to make phone calls as well as listen to music files comfortably. It comes with Bluetooth 5.2 and permits users to control their intelligent hearing aids using an application. Additionally, it has an option for multi-environment to allow effective control of everyday tasks with ease.

Background Noise Filtration:

Linner Nova is power by the 16-channel signal system, which can effectively process sound by frequency into different channels, including human voice, animal barking, instruments and a variety of others. It was design to record background sound at 16KHz to minimize background noise and to provide precise transmission of audio signals to users.

Extended Battery Life, Qi Compatible Wireless Charging and long Battery Life:

Nova has a battery that is design to provide an up-to 40 hour enhancement in hearing time. It’s compatible with limited-brand wireless charging. That allows users to set it up onto a pad with wireless technology to get an extremely convenient charging boost.

UV-C Antibacterial Light:

One of the best aspects of Nova is the built-in UV-C light within the charging case. This allows the hearing aids to undergo an auto-cleansing process making sure they’re free of harmful microorganisms.

Other attributes of Nova include Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity as well as IPX5 Waterproof In-Ear detection as well as AFC.

User Reviews:

“Happy hearing. I bought hearing aids for my husband, who is difficult to hear but doesn’t want for him to confess it. He already has costly hearing aids that he received from his doctor. But he only used them for a brief period. I decided to purchase them for him, and he loves them. He can hear very well using these. They’re so easy to use. There is no set-up require. Charge them, plug them in, and then adjust the volume. That’s it. The battery was charge all day. The case that recharges is a huge plus. My voice is now save. There’s no more screaming. ” – Scooby Doo.

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