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Review of Procore (2023): Features, Cost, Pros, and Cons


Procore is a top software for managing construction projects. It stands out for its wide and comprehensive capabilities as well as its user-friendly layout. It is designed to simplify the management of construction projects which makes it a great option for companies looking to improve efficiency and productivity.

Procore Pricing:

Procore is a company that operates under a custom pricing model, meaning that pricing is tailored to the needs of your business. Although Procore doesn’t make the pricing information public, it is acknowledged that the cost is mostly based on the kind of product you require as well as the scale of your operation.

It’s important to note that Procore provides a demo for free and an evaluation version. It allows you to test the program and its capabilities before committing to a purchase to ensure that Procore is the best option for your business.

The Most Important Features of Procore

The main functions of Procore project management module are document management and task management, as well as request for information, submittal management, reporting, and timecard management.

Management of Documents

Procore’s document management features allow you to manage, store and share all of your documents for your project in one location. This includes contracts, plans, photographs and other documents. The system can handle the control of versions, which ensures that everyone is able to access the most current version of any document. It also offers a robust search feature that makes it easy to discover specific documents quickly.

Task Management

Task management within Procore involves the creation assignments, tracking and assigning tasks. You can assign deadlines, monitor the progress and issue reminders to ensure that tasks are completed in time. This feature keeps everyone accountable and ensures every task from minor to major is accounted for and efficiently managed. The task management feature integrates with the other features of the platform, making it possible for the tasks to link to pertinent documents, drawings, or other project information.

Management of Submittals and RFI

The administration of RFIs as well as submissions is made easier by Procore. You can quickly create RFIs, send them and track their progress and submittals through Procore’s platform. This will ensure that all submissions and requests are appropriately recorded, tracked and resolved. The system permits RFIs and submissions to be linked with relevant drawings or documents which provide context, and ensure the information is accessible.


The reporting tools in Procore give you information about your job so you can make wise choices.Procore offers customizable dashboards and reports which allow you to keep track of the most important performance indicators. You can track the performance of your project, monitor productivity, and analyze trends from one platform. Procore’s reporting tools are created to be easy-to-use, making it simple for team members to comprehend and use the information.

Timecard Management

Procore’s timecard management feature lets you manage and track the hours of your employees directly from Procore’s platform. It is easy to record hours as well as track overtime and keep track of the costs of labor. This feature is integrated into the other features of the platform and allows the cost of labor to be tied to specific budget items or tasks.

Procore Pros

  • A comprehensive feature set that addresses every aspect of managing construction projects.
  • A user-friendly interface that is easy to use.
  • Effective collaboration tools can improve team communication.
  • Tools for robust reporting and analytics to make data-driven decisions.
  • Many integrations are available to applications from third parties.

Procore Cons

  • A custom pricing model might not be the best choice for small companies with a limited budget.
  • The number of options available can be overwhelming for first-time users.
  • It requires a bit of learning to fully utilize all features.
  • A few users have reported glitches in software that occur occasionally.

The Procore Integrations

The Procore integrates with a variety of third-party apps, improving its capabilities, creating a plethora of tools to manage construction projects. The top Procore integrations are:

  • QuickBooks:Provides you with real-time insights into the financial health of your project by syncing all of your accounting system data with Procore
  • Microsoft Project:Your project schedule can be directly imported into Procore using Microsoft Project.
  • Salesforce Integrates: Salesforce with Procore to allow seamless data transfer between project management and sales.
  • Sage 300 CRE: Syncs the accounting information with Procore giving you a comprehensive analysis of your project’s financial situation.
  • Drive by Google: Gives you immediate access from Procore to Google Drive files and the ability to manage them. Direct Google Drive files from Procore.
  • DocuSign:Integrates with Procore to make the contract signing process easier.

Who is Procore Most Suitable for?

Procore is the best choice for construction firms with all kinds of sizes. The features it offers are ideal for the management of complex construction projects. It is particularly useful to:

  • Large construction firms:Procore can tackle the difficulties of undertaking significant building projects because of its extensive feature set. Real-time collaboration is possible, which makes managing big teams simpler.
  • Small- to medium-sized businesses: Smaller teams can use Procore because of its configurable dashboard and user-friendly interface.
  • Project Managers:Procore’s Project management software was designed to make the work of a manager for projects easier.
  • Subcontractors:Procore is also advantageous for subcontractors by allowing simple communication with the primary contractor Access to specifications and plans and tracking of deadlines.

If Procore Doesn’t Work for You, Take a look at These Alternatives

Although Procore has a broad range of tools for managing construction projects, the software could not be the right fit for every business. For instance, small-sized businesses that are on a budget may be able to find Procore’s customized pricing model difficult. In addition, companies who are looking for a less complicated software might find Procore’s many features to be overwhelming. In these instances, think about alternatives such as, Autodesk Construction Cloud and Jobber. is a flexible software for managing visual projects that can be used for many industries, such as construction. It’s especially appealing to companies who are looking for an intuitive and flexible solution. Additionally, it’s the only one of the alternatives that provides the option of a no-cost plan.

Autodesk Construction Cloud

Autodesk Construction Cloud offers an array of construction management tools that include design as well as planning, construction and operations. It’s a fantastic choice for businesses looking for a comprehensive construction management system.


Jobber is perfect for fields of service such as construction. It has features such as billing, scheduling, and client management. It’s perfect for companies searching for a way to manage field activities.


This review was based on Procore’s website and blogs. Procore web site as well as Procore blogs, as well as user reviews to determine how customers react to the features of the product and to determine the usability and user experience.

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