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Top 10 SEO Agencies for Businesses in the legal Sector


The demand to use SEO services for lawyers as well as other legal SEO agencies for businesses has grown exponentially in the past few years. The reason for this is that the law firm’s competition has increased dramatically. And every lawyer needs to ensure that their site is in the upper ranks of the results of search engines and that is the point where SEO solutions can help.

The issue with choosing the right SEO firm is that the choices are numerous and it is confusing to pick the right one. That’s why we’ve created a list of top 10 SEO agencies for legal businesses, to help you make an informed choice.

1. WebFX:

WebFX is an all-inclusive Internet Marketing and SEO firm providing innovative solutions for web-based marketing for large and mid-sized businesses all over the world. They are a pioneer in SEO Web design, web design, eCommerce websites, conversion of websites, and Internet marketing WebFX helps companies boost their web traffic, increase conversion of visitors into leads, and boost their web visibility. They have a team made up of Internet marketing experts including SEO experts as well as experts in conversion optimization, as well as social media experts.

2. Victorious SEO:

Victorious is an SEO agency that is focus on helping businesses increase their growth by optimizing their search engines. They do this through the use of the power of data and analytics to develop customized campaigns that increase visitors and increase conversions. Apart from SEO They also provide the following services: social media-based marketing, website design and paid ads. They’re renown for their openness and results-driven strategy.

3. EZ Rankings:

EZ Rankings can be describe as the most trusted SEO business for offering quality and affordable SEO services at a reasonable price. The company employs a group of highly skilled SEO professionals who’ve worked alongside many of the top names in the field of law. The company offers a vast selection of SEO-related services like on-page optimization, off-page optimization linking as well as keyword research and numerous other services. EZ Rankings also offers a broad range of digital marketing services , including advertising on social networks, pay per click advertising and management of reputation.

4. The HOTH:

If you’re in search of an SEO service that will assist you in achieving higher rankings in search results HotH could be the ideal option for you. The company offers a vast array of services like on-page optimization linking, link building, keywords research and more. The HOTH has a team of highly-experienced SEO professionals who’ve worked alongside many of the top companies in the business. Additionally, the HOTH offers a money back guarantee in case you aren’t satisfi with their service.

5. Social SEO:

If you’re looking for an SEO company that is focus on marketing via social media and advertising, Social SEO is the one for you. They are a group of highly skill professionals who can assist you in creating and maintaining an online presence that is strong for your firm. Social SEO has the necessary knowledge and experience to guide you through the constantly changing landscape of social media. It will also ensure that your website is easily accessible on the major platforms. Additionally, they’re only one of the businesses with a better satisfaction assurance.

6. Lounge Lizard:

They provide affordable SEO services to lawyers. They are staffed by experienced SEO professionals who’ve work with clients from the legal sector prior to. Their services include content marketing, link development and website linking optimization. Lounge Lizard offers a variety of customized SEO plans to allow you to pick the one that is most suitable to your requirements.

7. SmartSites:

With its headquarters in New York, SmartSites is one of the most prominent SEO firms in the United States. SmartSites is a group of experts who are knowledgeable in the entire field of SEO and have an impressive track record of producing results. SmartSites works with a range of prominent clients from the legal field as well as Am Law 100 firms. Established in 2009, SmartSites is a team comprising more than 60 professionals who are commit to delivering outcomes to their customers.

8. Titan Growth:

The Titan Growth is a full-service digital marketing company that provides an array of services , including SEO as well as advertising on social networks, and much more. It is a group of highly experience digital marketers who work in close collaboration with you to design an individual plan that is tailor to meet your needs and preferences. Additionally, Titan Growth also offers various SEO plans that are made to meet the demands of medium-size, small and large-size businesses.

9. Foster Web Marketing:

The foster Web Marketing is a prominent SEO firm which has been in business for more than 20 years. It has served clients from many different industries and have assisted them to attain their goals. In terms of SEO and attorneys, Foster Web Marketing is a group of knowledgeable professionals, who understand exactly what is require for your website to be more prominent in search results.

10. Digital Agency Reseller:

Digital Agency Reseller is a leading SEO agency that has worked with a number of the most prominent companies in the legal sector. They employ a team of highly skilled SEO professionals who are aware of what is require for your website to be highly rank in search results. The most appealing aspect of the SEO solutions for attorneys is that they are able to choose Ala Carte services or get one-stop-shop depending on the budget you have and your requirements.

The wrap-up!

These are the most effective SEO agencies for businesses that provide services to law firms and lawyers. With the assistance of these firms they can help you improve your visibility on the internet and draw more customers.

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