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Top Action Movies to Watch with Your Friends


Action movies fascinate people, especially a band of boys who love fight sequences, adventures, and their favorite action heroes and star cast in action movies. You can take the example of the John Wick franchise, Expandable franchise, Undisputed, Creed, and many other movies with a solid storyline, movie cast, etc. It becomes more exciting when you watch these movies with your friends. 

Keeping this in mind, here are a few action movies that you can watch on cable TV or on different streaming services you can watch with your friends:


The movie revolves around a commercial pilot named Brodie Torrance who is a former RAF pilot from Scotland and flies the Trailblazer Airlines Flight 119. The aircraft has around 14 passengers and 3 cabin crew members traveling from Singapore to Honolulu via Tokyo. The passengers include a homicide suspect named Louis Gaspar, who is onboard with one of the RCMP/GRC officers to Canada. 

He gets advised by one of the superior officers to take a shortcut across the South China Sea. where they suddenly receive heavy damage by the storm killing a flight attendant and the RCMP officer. The plane landed in an emergency on Jolo Island somewhere in the Philippines. Back in New York City, the board of Trailblazer calls the crisis manager on duty and a team of private military personnel is dispatched to the island. 

The trouble begins when they get to know that they are on a rebel-controlled island. Soon the entire crew is taken hostage by the rebel leader named Datu Junmar. Datu kills a Korean couple who tries to escape. 

Just as the rebels were about to execute Brodie, the rescue arrives and after an intense fight, the entire crew gets rescued and they leave the island on the plane. The trouble was not over yet. The plane was too damaged to return home and was low on fuel. Brodie decides to land the plane on a neighboring island of Siasi, where they were attended by a rescue team on the island. After some time, Brodie makes his way back home. 

Shotgun Wedding

This is a 2002 romantic action comedy movie, which revolves around Tom and Darcy, and their families who have gathered on an exotic private island in the Philippines. Just like other couples, Tom and Darcy always argue about their wedding. They find out that their guests are taken hostage by pirates for a ransom of $45 million from Darcy’s rich father. Darcy’s father refuses to pay the ransom until he is assured that Darcy is alive and well. 

Meanwhile, Darcy and Tom managed to escape by killing one of the pirates and trying to avoid getting recaptured. During this time, they reveal their doubts about the wedding. Tom soon reveals that the entire plot was planned by Darcy’s ex-fiancé named Sean who hired the pirates. Sean is looking for Darcy and takes her father’s girlfriend hostage, who was Sean’s accomplice in the scheme. 

Soon Darcy and Tom reunite with the other guests and Tom admits that he still wants to marry Darcy but they are confronted by Sean, Harriet, and the pirates. After an intense fight, Sean and Harriet die and the authorities on the beach take all the pirates into custody. 

John Wick: Chapter 4

The movie is the fourth and the most recent sequel of the movie where John Wick prepares to take revenge from the High Table. He resides underground with the Bowery King until he travels to Morroco, where he kills the Elder. A member of The High Table named Marquis Vincent de Gramont summons New York Continental’s hotel manager and concierge, Charon. He explains to them that the High Table has given him unlimited access to resources to get John killed.  

He starts by stripping Winston of his rank as the manager and declares him “excommunicado”. Not only this, he destroys the Continental and executes Charon. After that, he appoints Caine, a blind and retired High Table assassin to kill his old friend John, failing which he will murder Caine’s daughter. 

The movie has worth-watching action sequences and new characters that make this movie worth your time. You can watch the movie trailer on YouTube by connecting to the internet services offered by HughesNet plans


There are so many cool movies out there you can watch with your friends on cable TV or stream on the internet using windstream internet service and offers available near you. So watch any of the above-mentioned action movies for a sleepover or a summer movie night with your friends.

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