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Why Migrating from Oracle EBS to Oracle Cloud is a Good Idea


The right planning and strategy are key for successfully migrating any application from Oracle EBS to Oracle Cloud. Organizations often find it challenging to avoid the risk of data leaks, system downtimes, and other technical issues while their migration processes. As per one of the reports by Oracle, more than 80 percent of Oracle EBS to Oracle Cloud migrations take more time or money than estimated.

One of the major reasons behind the unsuccessful migration processes is the lack of a proper oracle cloud testing strategy. Therefore, if you want your company’s transition from EBS to Cloud to be successful and without any security threats or system downtimes, you need to use a reliable Oracle cloud migrating strategy like Opkey.

Benefits Of EBS To Cloud Migration

Saves Money

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure helps organizations manage heavy workloads in a cost-effective manner. Automating most of its services saves the cost associated with operations and hardware by limiting the workforce required to manage such large-scale data. It is also one of the most affordable data managing options available.

Zero Threat to Security

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides top-notch security against accidental data leaks. Nowadays, organizations cannot imagine surviving without securing their data and networks from their competitors. Hackers and frauds are another reason to keep your distance from any threat to privacy and security. You can utilize multiple authentication and encryption features to avoid unauthorized access to your data.

Makes Organizations Future-Ready

With so many modern-day technologies coming up, it has become important for companies to learn and integrate Artificial Intelligence (Al), Machine learning, and Blockchain into their day-to-day practices. OCI helps companies learn more about these new technologies through its system and working.

Supports Heavy Workload

It allows companies and organizations to organize data into multiple compartments. This compartmentalized approach is helpful in keeping the information safe, as it only allows specific groups within a company to access the information. With OCI, both small-scale and large-scale organizations get the opportunity to handle their data without compromising efficiency, productivity, and safety.

Simple User Interface

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers a plethora of tools and features for all your integration needs while keeping your convenience in mind. It has a user interface that’s easy to understand, interactive, and responsive. It has clear and transparent roadmaps to simplify its functionality.

Why Choose Opkey?

Now that we have an idea about the various benefits of migrating business from Oracle EBS to Oracle Cloud, it is essential to choose a platform that provides seamless migration services for you to take advantage of the above benefits.

Opkey’s industrial expertise can ensure a smooth EBS to Cloud migration through multiple automation testing solutions for your data. The pre-built testing templates help you get an exact idea about how much information is being migrated by highlighting test coverages. This ensures a safer and smoother transition of companies from EBS to the Cloud.

So, if you want a proper Oracle EBS to Oracle Cloud implementation strategy for business, Opkey’s technical experience, accuracy, and support are all you need.

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